The ancients called it Liquid Gold!

Dr. Saundra A. Mills, MD, FACEP

Odysseas Androutsos

Dietitian-Nutritionist, PhD, University of Athens, Faculty of Medicine

“Olive oil has well known anti-inflammatory effects.

It is a mono-unsaturated fat that lowers total and LDL cholesterol. Extra virgin olive oil is less processed than

plain olive oil, so has a higher amount of ‘polyphenols’,

a powerful antioxidant that has many benefits including promoting good heart health. Switching from a diet

high in saturated fats, and hydrogenated fats such as

butter and animal fats, and substituting olive oil, has

long term benefits to disease prevention and good health.”

“The Harvard Medical School of Public Health recommends

the use of olive oil as a part of healthy eating. Extra virgin

olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fats and polyphenols, which assist in the prevention of atherosclerosis and heart disease. Extra virgin olive oil also contains 

Vitamin E, which is essential for several metabolic functions and exerts an antioxidant effect in the human body.”

Olive oil, a basic element of Mediterranean cuisine,

has been recognized for its crucial role in contributing to

a healthy balanced diet. It is endorsed by leading health

and nutrition experts as Mother Nature’s most beneficial fat especially when organic and cold extracted with low acidity.