arianna trading company organic extra virgin olive oil 

Manolis Lantzanakis family

organic olive orchards,

P.D.O. Sitia, Crete.


arianna trading company

organic Throumpa olives Evaggelos Kaltsas family

organic olive orchards,

P.D.O. Thassos Island.

The Protected Designation of Origin is the name of an area, a specific place, or in exceptional cases, the name of a country, used as a designation for an agricultural product or a foodstuff, which comes from such an area, place or country, whose quality or properties are significantly or exclusively determined by the geographical environment, including natural and human factors, whose production, processing and preparation takes place within the determined geographical area. In other words, to receive the PDO status, the entire product must be traditionally and entirely produced, processed and prepared within the specific region and thus acquire unique properties.

To receive the P.D.O. status, the product must have the qualities and characteristics which are specific to its region of production and be produced exclusively within that region.